The walls and fences of shame

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

High fences with sharp wall razors. Walls, especially mental, for rejecting those who escape from war and hunger.

Italy and Lampedusa. Spain and Ceuta and Melilla. They are the gateway to Europe . Of the unsupportive Europe. From the Europe of the markets. Of the monetary Union without economic and political union.

Europe is unable to promote the fully exercising of human rights. Europe is unable to accomplish its intergenerational responsibilities (“The greatest and most pressing engagement," according to President Nelson Mandela).

The Arctic is melting; the habitability of Earth is changing; thousands of people living in extreme poverty and dying of starvation every day ... It's a daily genocide that we do not take care of. On the contrary, we isolate them with fences and abandonment, while over 3 billion dollars are invested everyday in weapons and military spending.

The solution is the endogenous development of the poorest and most impoverished countries.

The solution is, rapidly, leaving the plutocratic groups and re-founding the democratic multilateralism.
Europe only helps financial institutions.  It should help people. It should fully respect human rights.  It should lead to radical changes that markets will not   carry out.

Soon there will be European elections.  What do the candidates pretend? Do they think fostering major changes or just think to have a post of deputy and everything will remain the same?