Some references for reflection and action:

Monday, May 26, 2014

-Never trust the future to those who can speak only about the past…. of others.

-Daring to know and knowing how to dare. The risk without knowledge is dangerous.  Knowledge without risk is useless.

-Be you the change (Mahatma Gandhi).

-The human rights are inherent. No one grants them.  They are only recognized.

- Only those who planted seeds of love and hope regardless of the harvest are making possible a new world.

- Every unique human being able to create, to invent their future, to dis-cover the light paths of tomorrow. In this distinctive ability lies the confidence of clarifying today’s somber horizons.

- In summary, the academic, scientific, artistic… intellectual communities should lead the great mobilization and popular outcry of the historical turning from the force to the word that is coming.

-Before coming into politics, moral integrity is first required, then intellectual freedom, and afterwards social rebellion (Manuel Vicent, May 11, 2014).

-It is improper to look the other way when some persons cannot forget and others do not want to remember. Forgetting is impossible. Reconciliation, taking into account future generations, is not (inspired by a letter of Boaventura de Sousa Santos).

-It is a pity that thinking that you could do very little you do not try to do anything. (Edmundo Burke).

-Always remember, especially the wealthy, that shrouds do not have pockets.

-They were despised because when they could do so much they only dare to do so little (Albert Camus).

-To be happy, never accept what you deem unacceptable.

-The time for silence is over. And the submission. And so being spectator and not actor. The time of great transition from subjects to citizens approaches