Ukraine: the solution is always democracy, not brute force

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There was –if neoliberals of the G7, G8, G20 recognize it or not- a democratically elected president.

This president –as it often happens! did not behave very democratically. And a popular uprising began. Up to here all is right.

What happens is that suddenly appeared armed to the teeth insurgents, acting with extreme violence and a very suspicious confrontation strategy. By brute force regained power lost at the polls.

The European Union, that should have reacted immediately, finished as spectator (satisfied because there are too many interests, especially related to the numerous pipelines) and blessed the new government not taking into account the “procedures" used. Everything is fair, because the fuels they receive worth a lot...

The Russian minority in this part of Ukraine does not count as well as the non-Russian of Crimea. With the Ottoman Crimea, Russian and then "given" to Ukraine by Khrushchev, Putin has warned not to play ... and now there is a real threat of military confrontation.

They must return to the polls. A well prepared election throughout Ukraine under the supervision of the United Nations should be presented -as it is seen, the "plutocratic groups" are not useful to fix things but exclusively complicating them- whose result could be a federation or confederation which would ensure a democratic self-government to respond to the cultural and political life of Ukrainians as a whole diversity.

The unity in diversity would have been solved and would have given a splendid lesson to those who have always subordinated to markets the key dimensions from a historical, ethnic and cultural point of view...