European elections:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

those who are elected should have as priority objectives, among others, the following:

-Change of election procedures so that the next elections will result in a truly representative, prestigious and effective Parliament. It cannot be accepted as 'democratic' the Parliamentarians who have reached their seats with very low percentages of citizen participation.

-Political and economic union: it cannot remain a Community dependent on economic guidelines led by great neoliberal consortiums. The monetary union built the roof of the house first. It is essential to correct this mistake.

-Foster a democratic multilateralism refounding the United Nations System, and firmly rejecting the nonsense of governance by plutocratic groups (G7, G8...G20).

-Prompt actions in favor of an autonomous security without linkages and current NATO conditions.

-Immediate nuclear disarmament, promoting a worldwide outcry from the
European Union.

-Increase employment for all in a new working framework, which is not guided by group interests but by social justice.

-Encourage R+D+i, without cuts, in order to obtain a reliable competitiveness.

-Provide equity and the transition from subjects to citizens, from spectators to actors.

-Transition from an economy of speculation, productive delocalization and war to an economy of global sustainable development.

-Prosecute tax evasion, a lack of unacceptable in solidarity, that represents taking steps to eliminate, once and for all, the tax havens.

-Encourage the establishment of worldwide priorities, especially those related to food, water, health and respect to environment. Europeans must implement measures to reduce carbon anhydride and promote, through a renewed commitment every day, a human and sustainable development at all levels, avoiding in this way -and not with fences and razor wire- a forced immigration caused by extreme poverty and hunger.

-Bring out without pause by word and cry, the genocide of thousands of people, mostly children from 1-5 years who die in abandonment and into oblivion, while investing almost 4,000 million dollars in arms and military expenditures.

-Adopt all appropriate measures of intergenerational responsibility, especially those relating to potentially irreversible processes, in order to assure the quality to the habitability of Earth for the future generations.

-Strengthening of democracy at personal, local, national, regional and worldwide levels, encouraging the adoption by United Nations, of the Universal Declaration of Democracy in the unique context that will be possible the great historic turning point from force to the coming word.

-Education should be based on the experience of teachers and principles established by well accredited organizations in education instead of taking into account the suggestions of organizations specialized in other areas such as economics and finance.

If these matters and alike were approached, the Euro Parliament could have an important role not only in the continental future but worldwide.