Tokyo bares its teeth to China - Euro-disenchantment - Widespread corruption

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tokyo bares its teeth to China
 There is significant reinforcement of Japanese military power.  The Japanese abandon their pacifist activity (adopted by force after World War II) and reacts to the challenge of China and the threat of North Korea.   The purchasing of many aircrafts are expected, “drones”, tanks… and the creation of a brigade of “marines”.
Japan has shown in excess that they know how to go to war.  Memory... Now they return to the old habits.

It is urgent the re-founding of an efficient democratic multilateralism...
Instead of hastening reforms -starting with the rules for the election of Euro parliamentarians- the "Euro-disenchantment" leads to Brussels to soften them and stop them!  The opposite to be done ... once again.
Widespread corruption
On December 18, 2013, the 80% of the contents of the first 20 pages of the press (El País) is related to corruption here, there and everywhere ... It's clear the debacle of the "globalizing" system and that a radical change is necessary and urgent to avoid the catastrophes announced so long ago...