Before long, a genuine democracy. In short, "We, the peoples ...". Soon, from subjects to citizens

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The present system continues working as if there were a sectorial,  economic and financial crises... without taking into account that is, above all, ethical, social, democratic, political, environmental ... In three decades the emancipation -it was time!- of millions of human beings until then submitted, obedient, impassive and frightened spectators has taken place. Now, in exponential growth, they are becoming much more knowing, having world conscience, expressing, participating, complaining, proposing...

Many invisible, anonymous and silent persons have become visible. Identifiable with a loud and a firm voice!

A great historic turning point is approaching in the horizon. Before long, there will be a genuine democracy at a personal, local, regional, national and international scale. In a short time, the collective destiny will be in the reins of the people and never again of just a few. Soon, citizens and never vassals. Before long, an efficient multilateralism and never oligarchic groups. Before long, full exercise of human rights in a truly democratic context.

Before long, finally emancipated.

Soon, "free and responsible”.