"The Pending Evolution"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am extracting below some of the comments I made in my prologue to Jose Monleon’s book to be published shortly under the abovementioned title, which is extremely timely.

- Whether they choose to recognize this or not, in the last few months we have experienced true “leaps” forward in history that may catapult us toward “new principles”: post-neoliberalism (that will restore us to an economy once again guided by social justice and based on global sustainable development, with strict international financial regulation and the elimination of tax havens, while at the same time “relocalizing” much of our production and curbing military spending); post-religious fanaticism, with respect both to Islam and other faiths; and post-plutocratic hegemony, bestowing on the United Nations system the authority that it requires for its executive and preventive activities.

- For that reason I like to repeat that we are experiencing a formidable transition toward genuine democracy, thanks to distance participation and cyberspace. From the Puerta del Sol, words will finally prevail over force, extending to all of the “plazas” in all corners of the world, with millions and millions of world citizens and internet users not only outraged, but also committed, not only protesting but also making proposals. This virtual tidal wave is unstoppable.

- In this book Jose Monleon raises his voice and offers his knowledge and experience to achieving the imperative radical changes that must be peacefully but firmly made. He fulfills the “supreme duty” (Pedro Salinas) to continue steadfastly, in spite of it all.

The greatest enemy of evolution is inertia, which seeks to resolve today’s challenges with yesterday’s solutions. Evolution or “revolution”, with the continually undesirable risk of violence. I like to repeat that the difference between the two is the “R” of responsibility. And that unprecedented situations require unprecedented solutions.