Now, from the Plazas to Cyberspace. Now, Personal Commitment and Proposals

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now, very soon, there will be multiple periodic mobilizations to maintain the debate and reach accurate conclusions to be reflected in the demands of thousands and thousands of internet users: this will be the greatest force for achieving real and visible changes in the short term.

For example:

-Electoral reform, clearly indicating that candidates accused of criminal offenses cannot run for office. Millions of internet users would support this propusal.

-Independent communications media. The present situation is one of intolerable partisan obedience, which immerses citizens in profound disinformation. It should be clearly indicated that after a reasonable time period the citizens will no longer buy periodicals of this nature or newspapers featuring ads for prostitution, nor will they buy products advertised on “dependent” TV channels or radio stations.

-Total autonomy for the judiciary. Political parties should not have the power to appoint judges, and the appropriate measures should be taken to immediately ensure judges’ absolute impartiality and that their decisions are based solely on professional criteria.

-Elimination of tax havens. Within a sufficient timeframe, citizens would withdraw their funds from financial institutions that behave unethically and that are linked to tax havens.

Other specific proposals –concerning “rating” agencies; the market’s harassment of the Eurozone and its governments; re-founding an efficient United Nations for world governance to rapidly replace the groups of plutocrats (G8, G20); etc.- These could be announced after one or two of the previously mentioned proposals, or others that may be decided, have demonstrated the strength of virtual mobilization.

Now, to maintain the immense interest already shown, 15-M must be continued in cyberspace, to achieve the support of millions for its proposals.