URGENT: Syria, Yemen... It is essential to support the United Nations as the sole negotiator now... and not later!

Monday, May 9, 2011

I am insisting on this matter because for some time now the “leading” nations, grouped together as the G-8 or G-20 have registered resounding failures –at the price of so many lost lives and so much suffering- when exercising a role that only the United Nations can successfully play, with the support of all countries, without exception, thus demonstrating the UN’s capacity not only to resolve, but also to prevent conflicts.

Above all, to prevent them... because as I’ve often said and am now repeating, there’s no longer any way to stop this “virtual tidal wave”. After, or simultaneously with the Arab countries will come the countries that are being hounded by the “markets”, that with their economies of speculation, corruption and war continue to hinder the implementation of the social policies for which we have fought so many years.

To take preventive measures and enlighten our present confused horizons –because it’s clear that no one leads “democratically” in the world and that plutocracy is destined to disappear in the immediate future- so that regional alliances (USA, EU, League of Arab Nations, OAS, UNASUR...) can promptly regain their purpose and place in a world that urgently needs to recover its lost ethical values and assume its social, environmental, food… responsibilities, before the oppressed and alienated, who yearn for a transition from force to the word, become desperate and decide that they too must resort to force.

It is not possible to continue in this present state of confusion, reflected in the following news items that have appeared in the last few days:

-"The Gulf States are negotiating immunity for the President of Yemen", (article by Ángeles Espinosa in "El País", April 22). What countries? What guarantees are the insurgents being offered? Who will back these agreements?...

-"NATO’s Strategy in Libya" (article by Enrique Vega in "Público", April 22). Operation Unified Protector intends not only to prevent Gaddafi’s military triumph but also to specifically ensure that additional territory doesn’t fall to his control... especially focusing on Bengasi, headquarters of the oil companies that must continue to export their crude. "To protect civilians", reads the United Nations Resolution. Does this include “rebel” civilians, or only “non-combatants"?

- According to Laura L. Caro, in "IDEAL", April 21, “Gaddafi proposes free elections in six months if NATO agrees to halt its military operations”... To whom is he making such a proposal? What are the diplomatic channels used and the veracity of this proposal?

- "Syria Simulates an Opening to Democracy ", by Enric González in "El País", April 20.

All of these news items reaffirm our conviction that it is absolutely essential to immediately choose a valid negotiator with the support of all countries, especially those who in the last few years have distinguished themselves in their efforts to achieve “globalization”.

It’s clear that we can’t accept additional rating agents at the service of the “great domain”, nor continue to buy products from countries who, forsaking the solidarity of their past, now claim to be “ethnical purists”, as is the case in Finland.

Only if we stand united in all our diversity will we be able to change the course of present events. Only with the United Nations. Only with renewed, particularly moral, authority will we be able to regulate cash flows, eliminate tax havens and put some semblance of order in supranational transactions, which are presently dominated by sinister traffickers who act with total impunity.

We cannot permit countries that now so rightly accuse the Libyan dictator to continue so un-rightly with their irresponsible greed, filling the arsenals of other “potential” autocrats with last-generation weapons.

Together, we can. The urgent answer resides with in the United Nations.