Only a “(Re)United Nations" could still be able to provide a solution

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Impotence of the West" is the title of an editorial published today (May 9, 2011) in the “Opinion” section of El País.

It underscores that "The Syrian regime is crushing popular protest while ignoring sanctions imposed by the US and EU".

When will they realize that their leadership role has come to an end and that the United Nations (that they have weakened) must now be urgently and categorically supported by all of its member states?

The confusion created in Libya with the intervention of NATO, authorized by the Security Council solely to prevent civilians from falling victim to the outrages of Colonel Gaddafi, armed to the teeth by those who now attack not only his military positions... presently extend to Yemen and Syria, where popular uprisings are being brutally repressed.

And I insist: there can only be one negotiator, the United Nations, with all of the moral authority conferred upon it with the unanimous support of all of the world’s countries.

The EU has enough just trying to free itself from the tyranny of the markets... Let’s hope that its member states realize that the “cuts” they should make should commence with a reorientation of their defense mechanisms and autonomy.

The well-known reactions –which are truly cynical judging from the events of four days ago- of imposing economic sanctions and embargos on arms sales (!) and bank accounts in tax havens located in the heart of Europe (!!) have absolutely no effect and reflect the need for a radical change in world order, after this grave systemic crisis that the “globalizers” have refused to acknowledge.

"The West, an impotent witness to the massacre", for the reasons so well analyzed in this article.

But the present UN isn’t adequate either.

There’s only one emergency exit: a (Re)United Nations!