Expulsion and alienation of gypsies: This is a very serious matter that cannot be tolerated

Monday, September 6, 2010

What is happening to the “gypsies” (and once again we are confining to groups people who are all “equal in dignity”, as when we speak of “the Jews”) is absolutely ethically, politically, democratically and humanly intolerable. And in the 21st century it is even less acceptable. We agree that there are rules that must be respected by all... but by all citizens, wherever they are and whatever their origin. A great number of the citizens of western countries were once immigrants, and today, the fact that “immigrants” are treated with contempt, especially if they are “moros” (like so many of us!) or black, is an outrage and must not be tolerated. The national parliaments, the European Parliament and the assemblies of the Autonomous Communities must take immediate action. And the United Nations should do likewise at the international level.

At least now, with the Football-God, it is easier to make people understand that all people are equal in dignity... and some races are particularly gifted at sports...

In Spain we have people such as Manuel Martín Ramírez, who are capable of providing all of the necessary arguments and examples. But in this entry of my “jottings” I merely want to underscore that we cannot compromise in matters such as this. We cannot remain silent. We must state categorically that the radical equal dignity of all human beings is the basis of fundamental rights, genuine democracy and peaceful and amicable coexistence.