Budget Cuts for Research?

Friday, September 24, 2010

In the aftermath of the “bubbles", relocation of production in the East, enormous military spending and financial speculation that determines political action and social objectives, we must concentrate our efforts on education and science. We must innovate, we must think and meditate.

Warning! The future requires inventions, including models of government and labor reforms. And in that regard, budget cuts cannot be allowed to affect scientific research.

If, for once and for all, we really seek to change our market economy to a knowledge-based economy in order to facilitate the transition from an economy of speculation and war to an economy of global sustainable development, why are investments in R&D+innovation being reduced, contrary to the “good practices” of years past?

This is a serious error. On the part of the government, but also on the part of the private sector and a civil society that has not been sufficiently mobilized. If millions are invested in athletic performance... if footballers, coaches, racing drivers are paid such huge sums... how can we now take the sap from the “tree of science”?

Mr. President: correct this mistake. Take a cue from the United States and Germany. This time their policies are worth copying