Rebellion in Cyberspace

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Until recently it was very difficult for citizens to express their opinions freely. The ballot boxes –which was already a lot-, are no longer enough. The immense amount of available information from all over the world, and in real time, should not represent a threat nor reduce us to mere passive recipients.

Today we have vast amounts of knowledge... and we can no longer sit back as silent, stunned accomplices. When global conscience and knowledge urge us to break our silence, when we are “compelled to have recourse to rebellion...", in the words of the brilliant Preamble to the Universal Declaration, we must express ourselves. And now, with modern communications technology, we need no longer remain as speechless fearful witnesses, distracted by the all-embracing entertaining but distorted influence of the power of the media.

People will be able to participate in cyberspace. Millions and millions of people will express their points of view. They will be citizens of new democracies in which power really emanates from the people, as proclaimed in Article 21.3 of the Universal Declaration.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Those currently in power should take note, those who are so busy with the same old policies, trying to convince the same people that the tried and true formulas no longer work, they should be aware that the roads to the future are being mapped out by the masses in cyberspace. Yes, a great change in on the horizon. The age of silent citizens has come to an end. It is the people’s hour. The time for a new global and planetary democracy.