First Things First: JUSTICE

Friday, April 9, 2010

Accept... and then appeal, if warranted, when the time comes.

Those who seek to influence the initial proceedings in a court case, independently of their opinion as to whether the matter has merit, seem to know little of what constitutes a State, its institutional pillars and the prerogatives of its citizens. They will have time to appeal if they deem it right and needed.

The justice system is not infallible. It is based on the strict application of laws, which frequently need to be amended, improved or adapted. And when there is manifest partiality in the interpretation or application of the law –which is particularly untenable when it reflects political bias- those affected have every right to appeal to the highest national and international courts.

First, carefully read the laws or draft laws; second, respect the judicial process and the confidentiality of criminal investigations. Later, when warranted, express your disagreement with the judgment and appeal it. And proceed to pass better laws and amend them.

We have fought too long for freedom, including the unrestricted freedom of expression, to now passively and timidly contemplate how the power of the media permeates everything, convincing the people that those “presumed guilty” are not, and that those who discovered and accused them should directly be deemed guilty, without any presumption of innocence.

But they won’t get their way. The people can put up with a lot, but not this much. They are distracting us excessively, with spectacles for the masses, with football players or race car drivers, detailing there successes and their injuries,... but not to the point of allowing justice, that great support for democrats and the foundation of a better future, to be manipulated so that the “good guys” appear to be the bad guys, and the “bad guys”, as if by magic, are exonerated of all responsibility.

Sooner than many expect, the 21st century will be the century of authentic citizen participation. And the people will react to such abuses and excesses.