Friday, October 9, 2009

At the end of the 1980s, the Reykjavik agreements, the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin wall suggested that nuclear threats and the arms race might progressively give way to a rethinking of war strategies and therefore of the armament necessary to address news types of conflicts. This would likewise leave a broad margin for the “dividends of peace”.

But that was not the case. To the contrary, “globalization” replaced democratic values with the laws of the marketplace, and the world’s most prosperous countries (G-7, G-8…) ostracized the United Nations to the point of placing the World Trade Organization beyond its scope.

The result has been resounding economic failure and the world as a whole has been thrust into a multidimensional crisis (social, economic, environmental, nutritional, democratic, ethical), with military spending that surpasses 3 billion dollars daily, while at the same time approximately 70,000 people die of hunger and abandonment, half of them under five years of age.

The latter period of the Bush administration –invasion of Iraq, missile shield proposal, etc.- resulted in ever-increasing expenditures in armament, while the number of persons who live in hunger and poverty likewise rose.

For all of the above,

Having observed with surprise and indignation the “rescue” of financial institutions with hundreds of billions of dollars, while funds for the Millennium Objectives have practically dried up,

We want to express our support for President Obama:

1. For having taken the lead in nuclear disarmament, as he unexpectedly indicated in Prague and later ratified when presiding at the Security Council session on September 24, 2009. At this meeting, a reduction in nuclear arsenals was unanimously passed.

2. For having decided to cancel the antimissile shield program, which the US administration had planned to install in Europe.

3. For having initiated a new defense policy, which at least partially replaces conventional weapons (airplanes, submarines, tanks, etc.) for those that not only can address threats today, but also avoid them, by detecting them on time.

We therefore underscore the urgent necessity:

1. To provide international security through the United Nations, with all of the measures they require for the rapid and efficient deployment of Blue Helmets.

2. To urgently review the contractual obligations in existing military alliances, to reduce acquisition of weapons for “traditional” conflicts, which have recently reactivated the “arms market” both in Latin America and the Eastern countries.

3. With the funds no longer required for these huge investments in military spending, we must reactivate international cooperation, so that it can replace the largely war-based economy with sustainable global development (renewable energies, food production, production and distribution of water, health, transportation, housing…)

4. We make this appeal to strengthen existing disarmament initiatives at the global level, and especially in the preparation of the Conference on the Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty, which is set to take place in the spring of 2010.

5. Likewise, to establish adequate conflict resolution mechanisms, with the necessary criteria for follow-up, control and accountability, and with the participation of all parties concerned, which would enable the United Nations to establish international objectives and priorities, and develop programs with which they may be achieved.

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Juan Pablo said...

Querido amigo, estamos queriendo enviarle la documentación de un movimietno social sin precedentes que verá la luz la semana que viene y que enlazará la familia, las estructuras educativas y las fuerzas sociales de todo tipo organizadas a través de la red. Desconocemos su correo-e y le rogamos que se pueda poner en comunicación con nosotros porque las fechas que manejamos son cortísimas, pues el tema está relacionado con conseguir un marco de desarrollo sostenible para la humanidad que empiece aprovechando la conferencia COP15 de la ONU en Copenhague. Tenemos una red logística preparada por más de 20 países y necesitamos personalidades que la apoyen. Mi correo es org.copenhagenmoving@gmail.com en cuanto reciba un simple ok, le remito toda la documentación. Muchas gracias y ánimo con su magnífica labor allá donde va.

October 21, 2009 at 8:02 AM