Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It is imperative and urgent to achieve an institutional change that will enable the European Union to have its own defense and foreign relations policies, based on universal principles such as fundamental ethical values and human rights, accepted by all Member States as a requisite for belonging to the EU.

The EU must be a light house beacon for democracy, and it is disgraceful that due to occasional pressure from groups within the European Parliament or from political parties in government at a given moment, the EU has supported the inclusion of Honduras (against the OAS!) in certain commercial negotiations. This constitutes the de facto recognition of a country in which the coup leaders –representatives of an oligarchy that for years has ruled the destinies of this country and many others in Latin America, demanding obedience and submission from the immense majority of citizens, who could do little more than barely survive- continue to cling to power that they have taken by force. The formal democracies of Latin America have until very recently been a burden favored and increased by “globalizers”. Today, however, a “Condor Operation” would be impossible. Today we must prevent the large multinational consortia –with their greed and irresponsibility, in the words of President Obama- from ensuring that these countries will never get back on their feet.

For all of the above reasons we must defeat the immense inertia of those who have always been in power, so that they may understand that the time has come for a transition, without delay, from plutocracy to democracy.

And the same may be said on at the global level.

The EU must immediately correct the grave error that it is about to commit and reject this coup government. If it does not do so, the European Union’s already weakened prestige will be even more so.

It will be a disgrace. If in the end a commercial negotiations meeting is called without excluding the coup government, all countries in disagreement –and clearly Spain- should refrain from attending.

Shall we be accomplices of these barbarians who have staged a coup d’etat? No. I trust that good judgment will prevail.