Against terrorism,

Monday, January 9, 2017

an effective democratic multilateral system, a re-founding United Nations endowed with the necessary personal, technical and financial resources; a planetary solidarity that allows a decent life to all human beings (today, less than 100 people possess a wealth greater than half of humanity ; every day more than 4 billion dollars are spent on weapons and military expenditures while thousands of people die of hunger and extreme poverty , most of them boys and girls from one to five years of age); to provide support for human and sustainable development, both at a global level (United Nations Development Program) and bilaterally; to ensure the fulfillment of the human rights for all people, excluding absolute power in any case; ... and a deep and neutral analysis of the causes that, to the extent that they correspond, triggered animosity, xenophobia, prevalence and fanaticism...

The force alone, no. Its incorrect use -as in the invasion of Iraq- is precisely found at the origin of many terrorist sentiments and actions. In front of terrorism, it is a mistake to call on just to force. What caused it to a great extent cannot be the only solution.