"We, the peoples ..." should not continue tolerating the brutality of the death penalty and executions

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saudi Arabia remains a country where every day human rights are infringed while –“The money is a Big Lord”- other countries look the other way and with the greed of large public works or fuel supply, keep avoiding their serious brink of nonsense.

The cruelty of Saudi Arabia has led in recent days to execute more than fifty persons "too much at once". And nothing happens. Europe ignores the enforcement of Article 2 of their Charter of Fundamental Rights ... because it is just a monetary Union ... and because the Republican Party of the United States continues practicing the capital punishment in States where it rules. And so, while Texas is still executing, how can be recriminated those of Saudi Arabia?

They deserve the dreadful phrase of Albert Camus: "They were despised because they could have done so much, but dared so little”.

A public outcry so that United Nations, marginalized by the "globalizers", be re-founded promptly and act diligently in order that death penalty will soon be a bitter memory.