Memory to know what happened. Memory to invent the future

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Memory to know how to act today for the future that has yet to be written. This is our responsibility and our hope: every unique human being able to create.

Memory of the outrages committed in the past ... and at present that stain the Mediterranean of blood and unsupportive lack of solidarity.

Permanent memory that all human beings matters the same.

Permanent memory that there are no world citizens of first class: all equal in dignity!

Memory of future generations.

Memory of the entire Earth.

Memory, every dawn, of the excluded, of those who migrate, of those who die of abandonment.

Memory of the immense creative works of humanity, but above all, memory of every human being, one by one, because it is the most universal and unavoidable heritage that we must protect.

Memory, every moment, of the "other", of the "others", supreme memory of love for all of them, near or distant, because it is often the supreme oblivion, the supreme error.

Memory of the essential mission of intellectuals, scientists, teachers, artists ... to lead the popular mobilization, the outcry, the appropriate voice, the voice of life ... so many who have had to remain silenced, silent, frightened,  obedient...

Because with this memory, with these memories, the paths of tomorrow will be illuminated and will be open for the new era that is envisaged with this "new gaze".

At sunset, you will be judged on love and in memory.

"Real generosity, said Albert Camus, is to give everything at present."