Emphatic measures to prevent racism and xenophobia

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Germany, in Dresden, more than 20,000 citizens on the streets have demanded “immediate mass deportations”.

In Switzerland, the extreme right wing has become the largest political force of the Confederation, which advocates for the rapid reduction of immigrants (except, of course, of the ones that, silently, transfer funds in their immense domain of strongbox).

Concerning this subject, indecisions cannot be applied not even accept excuses. Let’s do not forget that it started singing "Deutschland über alles" -Goebels version- and ended in Auschwitz...

All human beings are equal in dignity. Stop talking about "welfare state" which fosters no more than 18-20% of humanity, and fully exercise the solidarity that does so much good to the recipient and, above all, to those who practice it.

The European Union -strictly monetary, to the deep regret of the Europeans- is reacting timidly. It is now essential that emergency measures are adopted but, simultaneously, have to put into practice the most important and, especially, those representing a significant increase in development aid and international cooperation, in order to ensure a lifetime dignity for all in their places of origin.

The system that allows that every day are invested 3 billion dollars in weapons and military expenditures while 20,000 persons die of hunger and abandonment, most of them children from one to five years, should conclude. I am never tire of repeating, because it is this security, "human security" which we should ensure to overcome the inhuman conditions in which so many people live today.

It should be enough to dedicate 80% of current funds to "military security", but 20% will be allocated to "human security". Only with this, the current situation would radically change at world level.

Re-founding a democratic multilateralism, a United Nations provided with personal, technical, military and financial resources that are essential!

It is urgent, now, to convene an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly, in order to address those issues that can lead to points of no return, especially concerning environmental and social matters. We cannot imagine the indignity, irresponsibility that would represent to irreversibly affect the habitability of the Earth. Among the processes in which emotion replaces reason and blindness the good sense, the sense of ethnic supremacy can lead to huge setbacks. They should not be tolerated for a moment. The persons that can only speak of risk premiums, debt and various percentages should know it clearly. Today global governance requires acting effectively and decisively at least in some issues.