European solidarity: so far from yesterday to today

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

President Von Weizsäcker said in 1992: "It is essential to achieve a cooperative neighbourhood so that borders become bridges.

There was co-operation and there was help for endogenous development. The generosity of Nordic countries in helping the needy was proverbial.

Notice the difference with the current Europe. Now the borders are reinforced, the entrance is limited and aid for international cooperation has decreased dramatically.

The European Union, whose countries left one day millions of migrants is now a
shameful example of lack of solidarity.

It appears that Germany is changing attitude in the last days, at least with refugees. The aid should be extended to all, especially considering the immense benefits of “the markets”.

Public outcry for, starting with Spain, helping and being consequent with our past. It would be enough that a part of what Spain has paid in recent years for "incurred in the acquisition of arms debts" (almost 5 billion Euros) was dedicated to helping the needy.

Then, yes, Europe and in Spain would build bridges instead of fences and barbed wires.