Short news for long reflections:

Monday, April 6, 2015

(list of news published in “El País” on April 3, 2015)

1. "A key step towards nuclear pact"

- "Iran and the balance of power in the Middle East"

-"Netanyahu indicates that the agreement is a threat to Israel" ... next, as expected, the ultraconservative Republican John Boehner, Chairman of the US Congress, which, as the vast majority of Republicans, thought that, as in the case of Iraq, the best solution was the war.

From the "Axis of evil" to agreement, from the Republicans of Bush to Democrats of Obama, from war to peace.

2. The Foster Tower, 324 million for the rental: "Bankia has earned 324 million Euros in 2014 for the rental of the Foster Tower building owned 100% of the company through its subsidiary Torre Norte Castellana to a group of Luxembourg investment, who allocated the asset to be the new CEPSA headquarters”.

This is the current economic system! Do you understand now? Do you understand the relationship between macro and micro economics?

3. "The effort of the rich countries against the global warming  ‘is just moderate’”

- "A total of 32 developed countries, which are responsible for nearly 80% of emissions of greenhouse gases in the industrialized world have already submitted their plans for the UN to mitigate climate change ... The target set by the scientists would be a reduction of between 40 and 70% of emissions by mid-century compared to 2010 and 80 to 90% compared to 1990 "... This is what should be fulfilled strictly, according to the unavoidable intergenerational responsibilities. To ensure the habitability of the planet and a decent life for all human beings (in the ecological quality there are no classes, affecting everyone equally), requires with special urgency the reestablishment of a United Nations System that has the moral and legal authority to avoid reaching no returning points in such serious issues as the ecological legacy.


Three news on the same day that should make us react in social networks expressing our opinion. By the way, at election time, would not it be nice to think that some of the programs are taking seriously the urgent environmental problems?