We must change "with" the world (¿!)

Monday, March 2, 2015

another nonsense of Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls.

And the process of submission continues, despite warnings from renowned economists like Krugman and Stieglitz, to the dictates of the market. France, the Founding Treaty promoter of the European Union,  appeared after the Bush-Merkel whirlwind- dependent Sarkozy, as the only country in Europe able to go straight to the point, to calm the neoliberal windstorm  following the guidelines initiated by President Obama -what a work, against the power of conservative Republicans in the US!- and make it clear that the shadowy image of a kneeling EU would not repeat while the markets appointed at its caprice, without polls, the governments of Italy and Greece (the cradle of democracy) ...

But this has not happened. Instead of being at the forefront of citizen mobilization and contributing to "change the world", Mr. Valls now says that "we must change with the world." This word "with" suddenly changes from dignity and hope to submission and despair. So many expectations vanished! When presuming courage, inspiration and ethical values for the urgent transformations, the young French Prime Minister obeys.

Will take place in France, as in the famous verse of Machado, "another miracle of spring"? Hopefully.  Otherwise the European collapse will spoil the current global perspectives even more.