Listen to the voice of the people

Monday, January 27, 2014

Democracy is precisely to rule according to the will of the citizenship. Those who do it on behalf of the majority expressed at the polls should not even forget minorities for a moment.

It is a great mistake to claim past absolute majorities, because it deals with reflecting the aspirations of the people as a whole at every moment. The word "absolute" is strictly incompatible with democracy and correcting mechanisms should exist to prevent "roll laws" in Parliament, with total disdain towards the other groups.

Authentic democracy seeks a careful evolution so that the "democratic principles" -so well enshrined in the UNESCO’s Constitution- and kept while other aspects which became meaningless are modified. To pretend that yesterday's solutions are useful for the problems of today and tomorrow is a dangerous political short-sightedness.

 I insist: evolution, as the wisdom of nature indicated, or revolution. The difference, I have repeated many times, is just one "r" of responsibility. Not listening, not paying attention to the outcry and cry of the street, can result in a revolutionary trigger.

Let’s listen. “Everybody is "Gamonal” “, I read in a banner yesterday. Gamonal are many and there are many "open-handed". Macroeconomics refers to a few and does not help social upheavals that today suffer many human beings, near and far.

Please listen and rectify.