Concerning an Oversight and Two Surprising Interferences

Friday, February 1, 2013

1.     The King’s Televised 75th Birthday Interview:
I’m not going to comment on his statements or the interviewer’s questions, or on the observations of a series of well known personalities –women and men- from the King’s generation.

I would merely like to underscore the lack in all of those interventions of a single mention concerning the Queen. That’s surprising and, from a totally impartial perspective, inadequate and undeserved.

2.     Interference of the army in politics:
Neither am I going to comment upon the Defense Minister’s statements of 6 January 2013… but it’s obvious that the “anti-separatists” are certainly capable of out-doing the “separatists” in terms of drama, unfortunate remarks and bad-timing.

These matters can’t be resolved by force, but rather through dialogue. And by adequately reinforcing the structure of the State with the necessary Constitutional amendments.

3.     Interference of the Church in Venezuelan politics:
What is the Venezuelan Conference of Bishops doing, intervening in strictly political matters and declaring with obvious bias that it would be “morally unacceptable” not to take into account the January 10th date for swearing of the reelected president? This is a very serious intromission. This is not the Church that we the believers want.