Money at home, talent abroad? No!

Monday, August 13, 2012

“The exodus of doctors and nurses has doubled due to budget cuts in healthcare”... “The emigration of professionals mirrors the increase in unemployment”…, according to articles in the press published on August 7th.

So much personal effort gone to waste! So much talent thrown overboard!... for having to inevitably comply with the conditions imposed by the “markets”. Europe and the United Kingdom are the only ones left that are still subjected to the dictates of the “rescued globalizers”, who now impose their conditions with no recollection of the past, to the extent that they appoint governments and create unsustainable social hardships in countries such as ours.

The fluctuation of stock market prices, the urgent austerity measures that prompt generalized depression, recession and a radical drop in non-essential consumption… and what is really serious, a bleak future for us all.

The funds (or rather, “lines of credit!”) granted us with so many obligations attached, are used for the banking institutions whose conduct has been less than exemplary…. while the pressure to pay off debts and lower the deficit still remains.

The excesses committed by some Spaniards must undoubtedly be moderated and avoided in the future. But without affecting the fundamental pillars of the Nation: education, healthcare, knowledge. The one thing that must always be safeguarded is talent: doctors and healthcare personnel who have completed their training; scientists and professors; well-trained professionals… This and none other is the basis of our prosperity and, in consequence, what has cost us so dearly (in economic terms, too) must not be subject to budget cuts.

Offering this talent, this ripened fruit, to other, more experienced countries (that also often promote this immigration) is the worst operation in which a sovereign state can engage.

Don’t allow this. Correct this error. The European Union needs for two or three of its leaders to make an about face and to put their houses in order.

Observe the deceleration in Germany. And the urgent and humiliating regulation of the speculation tormenting BANKIA… And the debacle of work and employment, with no incentives or subsidies… and instead of lending a hand, the European Central Bank has joined the rating agencies and experts who are fanning the fires.

José María Ridao had no qualms about underscoring this in his August 8 article in “El País”: “Those economists who fanatically support austerity policies to combat the euro crisis while ignoring its devastating effects on unemployment and poverty betray their fellow men”.

Correct this error. Present a Plan that has been well prepared and agreed by consensus, which clearly sets forth how, how much and when the financial demands will be met, rejecting inadmissible deadlines or terms that are incompatible with growth. A Plan that also clearly indicates how and when those responsible for corruption and/or illicit practices will be severely judged… and what intangible aspects will be safeguarded to ensure social welfare and sustainable development.

Discuss. Consult. Rethink this. Implement measures democratically. You’ve already seen that the “legal arbitrariness” of an absolute majority in Parliament breeds more problems than it solves.

Think of the future. You are forcing many people to leave Spain, some of whom still believed in your promises to create jobs.

Money, yes; talent no? Correct this. Otherwise, protests may reach alarming limits than no one desires.

Correct this.