Intergenerational Solidarity – the Results of Rio + 20 are Unacceptable

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It is with much consternation that I wish to address 15M movement and all social movements that have expressed themselves so appropriately through the networks, in view of the lack of global reaction from today’s youth, expressing their total disagreement with those who have failed to face the great challenges of the present and who, moreover, are maintaining immense media pressure on citizens to reduce them to mere spectators. 

The current predictions concerning the “Anthropocene” –because for the first time in history mankind can influence conditions on earth- may be irreversible and may prompt dramatic situations for human habitability. A collective outcry is essential to urgently demand democratic multilateralism and democratic systems at the regional and local levels that take into account the interests of the people, and to once and for all reject the manipulation emanating from the great (military, energy, financial and media) domain and groups of oligarchs.

We have to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes and not allow a few irresponsible people to prevent us from duly facing the great challenges of achieving a life of dignity for all, without exclusion, and a sustainable environment. 

Intergenerational solidarity: let there be hundreds in cyberspace demanding support for these protests and proposals. 

Not long ago I read the following in Leonardo Padura’s “The Man Who Loved Dogs”: ..."History will have conquered Tolstoi, but not broken him. Until his dying days that genius knew how to maintain the precious gift of moral indignation, punishing autocracy with his battle cry of “I can’t remain silent!” 

Let us all take example from Tolstoi.