Nos-otros (We - Others)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This constant reference to others, so beautifully contained in the term for “we” in Spanish and Catalan should be a guideline for life, a motive for action, to prompt a public outcry against the “I” of the absolute power that from time immemorial has brought a fearful and subjected humanity to its knees.

Helder Cámara mentioned “reasons for living” as a premise for having the means for a decent existence, which alone do not vest each human being with the unlikely prominence that the full exercise o his distinctive creative powers provides.

Nothing is unyielding. “Everything has yet to be done and everything is possible... ¿And by whom, if not by all of us?", exclaimed Miquel Martí i Pol in one of his inestimable poems.

“Nos-otros.” Let’s bear this in mind in our daily lives.