Haiti and Somalia: Thank you, dear Forges

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In times of so much neglect, of looking the other way, of so many passive spectators, I want to reiterate my gratitude to those who, like Forges, remind us each day what we must keep in our minds and hearts, to gradually begin to change our behavior.

Haiti and Somalia, the inhabitants of these two countries: they need solidarity, especially from those who live in the world’s most prosperous areas and who very frequently allow themselves to be manipulated by information that transforms them into simple recipients without the ability to react, without the courage to cease to think only of themselves and to turn their attention to those in need. Doing so has many advantages since it not only makes you more appreciative of what you have, but also helps you understand the needs of others.

With exemplary insistence, Forges shows us the real challenges that we should bear in mind and assume as our own, especially when (although hounded by the markets –what an immense error it was in the 1980s to have replaced ethical values for those of the stock markets) we are about to celebrate our Christmas holidays and (despite it all) are wishing each other the best for 2012.

Haiti and Somalia… and all of those who live in conditions that can hardly be described as human: we will feel much better if we really show that we care. If we take into account all lives and not only our own. Forges’ reminder is the best New Year’s message of them all.