International Peace Conference in Euskadi

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who can possibly oppose this conference?

Who can provide any reasons for rejecting it?

After so many years of horror, isolation, desperation and so many victims, the end of the terrorist group may be near, its members and sympathizers being convinced that they will never achieve their objectives by force. The extremely firm and effective work of the police forces, under the decided leadership of the Government, has progressively debilitated ETA’s sinister operational capacity, together with a change in direction on the part of Basque radical nationalist groups.

Everything would appear to indicate that circumstances are now ripe for ETA’s dissolution. The Basque Country, Spain and the whole world would breathe a sigh of satisfaction as another chapter of extreme violence and brutality comes to an end. And everyone could then turn their attention to caring for those who have suffered most directly from the terrorist group’s terrible deeds.

The greatest consolation for the inconsolable victims would be knowing that there will be no more victims, no more irreversible suffering.

An international group of well-known personalities has decided to support the desires of the immense majority of Spaniards.

What ulterior motives lie behind opposition to peace in Euskadi at this time? Electoral fears? The fact that those who consider this event ill-timed are not playing a prominent role?

This can’t be. I can’t believe it. I would rather think that it’s unthinkable.