The Era of the GNP, intolerable, vulnerable, fleeting

Friday, September 23, 2011

This isn’t the era of “the Peoples” that we imagined when referring to the United Nations System. Nor the era of educated, cultivated and participative citizens, capable of building genuine and effective democracies. Nor the era of creativity and knowledge as the basis for the economy and progress.

No: now everything depends on the GNP. Only the wealthiest countries come together to govern the world. The US and UK initially convoked only the richest: that was the G-6. They later added Canada to form the G-7. Then with Russia it became the G-8… Subsequently aware that the hegemony of a select few was a failure, the number was increased to 20 (twenty something…). And that’s how it stands today, while they attempt to steer clear of the storm. But a shipwreck is inevitable if they don’t rapidly include the people and build democracies at the local, regional and global levels, with a strong United Nations.

Democracy is the only solution. The GNP labyrinth can only be escaped from above, guided by universal principles that include and respect all human beings. We can’t continue to invest thousands of millions of dollars daily while thousands die of hunger each day, especially in those countries with low GNPs. We can’t continue with infinite greed to irresponsibly favor countries that despite their positive GNP rankings, are constantly and seriously violating even the most basic human rights. At the supranational level we cannot continue to allow mafia consortia to traffic in drugs, arms and people (!) with total impunity. Nor can we continue to permit tax havens to launder money of dubious origin.

The prediction is clear: I believe that maintaining this economy based on speculation, delocalization of production and war is the final gasp of a system that is on its deathbed.

Fortunately, citizens can now express themselves. Fortunately, the mobilization of the peoples will be led by the scientific, academic, intellectual and artistic communities that are aware of this reality and will not be sidetracked by those who, at all cost, seek to postpone the “new beginning” in which social justice and the great ethical principles will once again guide world governance.

The GNP may reflect a country’s wealth, but it does not reflect the welfare of its people. And now the people will finally cease to be silent and obedient spectators. The days are numbered for the era of the GNP.