The stock markets rise, fall,… speculators are hounding us… And those who are starving? And the environment?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For everyone, especially in the West, there is only one topic at the national State level: the economic chaos prompted by Reagan and Thatcher’s globalization. And, in the meantime, social inequalities and the number of people without minimum sanitation and healthcare are increasing, extreme poverty is growing, and famine has been officially declared in the Horn of Africa. These were deaths foretold, which have been consistently ignored by those who are only interested in financial fluctuations.

And nothing has changed: tax havens continue to overflow, drug trafficking and arms sales are rampant, and the United Nations system is being progressively weakened while groups of the wealthiest nations (G7, G8, G20) pathetically make fools of themselves…

The courageous decisions that the world urgently demands have not been adopted and, as I never tire of repeating, the outcome is more tragic each day: 4 billion dollars invested daily in arms and military spending while in a silent and ignored genocide over 70,000 people die of hunger.

This situation is unbearable and should weigh on the conscience of all citizens of the earth. It’s time to say “enough!”.

In the last gasps of a system off course and faced with the winner-take-all attitude of the “great domain”, decisive action is essential from those who are still capable of recognizing that democratic principles must now firmly prevail over the “markets”.

The policies of the groups of plutocrats have been a resounding failure (witness what is transpiring in Libya, Syria, Yemen); it is also essential to rethink dirt-cheap manufacturing in the “world’s factories”, where labor conditions are totally ignored; disarmament, based strictly on new global security strategies, is a key factor in reestablishing economic balance in the world, as is the price of oil and, for environmental reasons, the rapid deployment of renewable energy sources…

Some of the “emerging” countries that were until very recently subjugated, are winning the battle, while the West’s loss of prestige is pathetic.

Thus, let’s stop the battle between the dollar zone and the euro zone and rapidly reach nationwide agreements between conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats… because if we don’t, world leadership will soon be assumed by others who are not yet prepared to play a role of that nature and scope.

The day before yesterday President Obama reacted with great resolve against speculative threats from the “great domain” made through rating agencies whose impartiality leaves much to desire. Let’s hope that Europe reacts accordingly, and in a genuine emergency meeting adopts deep-cutting decisions involving economic federation, security autonomy and the re-founding of an efficient United Nations system with global authority…

We must put an end to the speculators’ current embarrassing spectacle that is being played out while we shirk both our social and environmental responsibilities to the future generations.