Oil and Food Prices... back to the old ways?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weren’t markets going to be regulated? Weren’t limits going to be set on the greed of those who fix oil prices on a whim?

If this new intolerable speculation isn’t halted, the situation of the world’s already delicate and fragile economy will be further aggravated.

Even more immoral is the increase in price of the basic food stuffs that are most essential to ensure the survival of so many of the world’s inhabitants.

And the G-20, or a G-2 or a G-1 would not be capable of doing so. Only “the Peoples". Only all of the Peoples, with the enthusiastic support of a reinforced United Nations, endowed with all of the necessary resources and institutional respect would be capable of erasing for once and for all the collective shame of the abysmal differences between the privileged minority and the needy majority, in circumstances in which over 70,000 people die of hunger each day.

The present increase in prices must be halted immediately before those who live at the edge of equal human dignity once again become disheartened!

Food security.

Environmental security.

We will never cease to demand this.

If necessary, thousands of us will raise our voices in cyberspace, prompting a huge popular mobilization, so that the powers that be don’t return to their old ways.

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HCM said...

Inflation is a problem worldwide, but Food inflation would have a greater impact on the developing markets. I'd be watching this space closely going forward.

The Intrinsic Value: Food Inflation Problem

March 11, 2011 at 2:46 PM