Who says there’re no leaders?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reading Johan Galtung’s article on Wikileaks –called “Weeklyleaks”- published by Roberto Savio in “Other news”, I was filled with hope while being confirmed in my conviction that we must all, to the extent possible, contribute to achieving the urgent changes that are capable of illuminating the horizons of mankind, which are today so dismal.

Let us reflect –“bit by bit”, as Piyayo described it- upon his analyses and proposals, which are so lucid, so comforting, and let us decide to unite our efforts, especially in cyberspace, to tear down the media walls and surmount any obstacles that oppose the radical changes that we must make without delay, to the benefit of our future generations.

We’re not willing to allow them to ignore leaders such as Johan Galtung, -to continue the great energy, media, military and economic powers are in so few hands- to force all mankind to follow the same path in the same system that provoked the serious democratic, ethical, social and environmental crises that we all now face.

Wikileaks have revealed a diplomacy of rumors, gossip, interests, pressure and influences. And Galtung asks, “Where are the positive ideas? Where are the ideas about how to convert challenges, such as climate change, into cooperation for mutual and equal benefit?”

There are about 2.000 nations in the world, and only 200 states, meaning that most states include many nations.

After reviewing state and nationalist alternatives, he describes a “sustainable system” which should protect a livable natural environment and satisfy the four basic human needs: survival, welfare, identity and freedom.

Since violence is the consequence of unresolved conflicts, the key to survival is conflict resolution.

The necessary resources are available to guarantee people’s welfare, meeting the essential material needs of food, housing, healthcare and education. The only problem is that their distribution is extremely unequal.

“A global identity”, he writes, “would require unity in diversity, welcoming a rich variety of cultural expressions while recognizing that their common goal is human happiness”.

Freedom means having options in one’s choice of cultures and structures. Freedom encourages the unlimited creativity of the human species…

Based on Article 28 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights[1] –the right to live in domestic and international structures that permit the exercise of human rights- Galtung proposes a World Federation, principally of regions and large states…

And he adds that governance in which national interests prevail at any price would not provide a solution nor promote this world federation.

“The diplomats of the Wikileaks documents belong to an era of the state system that we have to put behind us”. They must not continue to hide their incompetence behind veils of secrecy. Democracy means transparency, not “feudal games”.

And he concludes, “Wikileaks, thanks. May you become Weeklyleaks. We need you”.

There is no doubt about what we must do: return to the democratic principles that the globalizers replaced with those of the market; unite together, all different but bound by shared universal values, and “re-found” the United Nations to be able to build this world federation, this coordination that would put us on course and provide momentum, which today is the dream of so many who are aware that our present course is leading us to disaster. People like Johan Galtung are showing us the right path for the future. Let’s follow him.


[1] Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.