PAKISTAN, ANOTHER RESOUNDING FAILURE of the present system of world governance

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another great tragedy ignored by the leading nations, which refuse to change their model:

-The same world management system (the G-20 instead of the United Nations);

-The same economic model (insisting that those who most consume should consume more, instead of extending less precarious living standards to a larger part of mankind through sustainable global development;

-The market instead of social values;

-Exploitation instead of cooperation;

-Speculation and tax havens instead of strict regulation and transparency;

Preparing for war -over 3,000 million dollars daily spent on arms (I’ll never tire of repeating this) while 60,000 people die of hunger- instead of, together with a United Nations Organization endowed with the pertinent means, creating the necessary alliances for international security and the means for building peace, to assist with all human and technical resources during natural or man-made disasters, in order to finally transcend from a culture of imposition, violence and domination to a culture of dialogue, understanding, conciliation and peace.

In the terrible situation in which it is in, Pakistan would only need an investment equal to ten days of military spending...

We must change. The people –lulled by the immense power of the media- haven’t yet reacted. But it won’t be long before they do.