Friday, February 12, 2010

What a deplorable spectacle! The Spanish Parliament and the European Parliament deserted, without the “representatives of the people”, projecting a pitiful image of democracy at the national and European levels. “Parliament” comes from “parlare”… and a significant number of the Members of Parliament don’t open their mouths during the entire sessions. Only when it’s time to vote do they all obediently take their seats, voting strictly along party lines, even when their consciences would dictate otherwise. But I must insist: “parliament” comes from “parlare” and not “votare”…

The communications media should broadcast more images of the deserted houses of parliament so that citizens can know what is going on and who is involved. I was offended to see so many empty seats in the Spanish Parliament, but it was even a greater affront to see so few attending the European Parliament when the current President of the European Union addressed the representatives of all of the EU member states. Many things will have to change, commencing with minimum percentages of participation in order to consider election results valid. Otherwise, these representatives can hardly be considered representative. They should be given work to do and their attendance during debates must be guaranteed. And if they do not do it, and to the extent that they fail to carry out their duties, they should be replaced as warranted.

In view of the circumstances, they receive excellent compensation and should fulfill their responsibilities. Either the seats of Parliament are full … or we won’t vote again!